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SWAG - Sex With A Grudge
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S.W.A.G. - Sex With A Grudge

1 - To Hurt It     2 - To Kill It

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*1 package contains 1 white capsule and 1 black pill (single dose)

Has This Ever Happened To You?

by swag_admin on December 21, 2011  (edited)

There’s this chick that’s let’s say you’ve been after for a while.  Finally she decides to let you hit it.  You’ve been saying to yourself and bragging to your boys that you’re gonna kill it when you get up in it. DON’T FRONT, WE ALL DO IT!!! So you take her to dinner, a movie, or maybe she just calls and says stop thru. We know what “stop thru” means, “I’m about to hit it!!!”

You finally get there, she opens the door!!! Now I need you to pay close attention to what is written from this point because chances are this has already happened to you and for some of you, on more than one occasion.

So now it’s about to be on and popping right? Maybe? For some of you the answer to this questions is “hell yeah!!!,” but for others the nightmare is about to begin. 

 Jackpot!!! Not quite.

This is where something as simple as “getting some” becomes complicated.  All of sudden these paranoid thoughts come to mind. Now remember this is the first time you’ve been with her and probably your last if you don’t step your game up so, your first impression is paramount.

I don’t think women realize just how much stress they put us under.  This condition is called “Sexual Performance Anxiety” and it’s a very common sexual problem in which men (and yes, even women) acquire brutal anxiety when it comes time to engage in sexual activity. What ultimately happens is that you become so fully engrossed in the fear of the inability to perform, that it ends up overtaking what should’ve been a spontaneous flow of sexual feelings.

I can be honest and share with you when it used to happen to me from time to time and that was when I had too much time on my hands.  This “too much time’ is in all actuality is only a few seconds, but let me tell you when this time seems like an eternity and brings out the discouraging thoughts.  This is by far the longest period of time that a man has to endure in his life.  It’s kinda like Murphy’s Law but in a perverse way.

But never fear the answer is in SWAG!

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